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The mission of Project hue is to help people remember who they are and help them proceed beyond the current circumstances that patients and their families are dealing with.

They sit down with me and I hear their story. They express their dreams, wishes, and crazy adventures. They tell me about what music they love, hobbies, interests, and what brings them comfort. We focus on happiness and fulfillment.

The notes I take are of random images and ideas that our conversations spark. I take these to my studio and create a painting inspired by our conversations.

At the end of the experience the showing of the painting is done with friends and family. A print of the painting is gifted to the volunteer as a keepsake.

For every painting that is sold, 10% of the proceeds will be donated back to the foundation that helped link us together

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Hi! I'm Angela.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; I was very fortunate to have been raised in a very artistic family. My mother taught classes on pottery and ceramics, while my father created breathtaking pieces of woodwork all from the basement of my childhood home. However, it was my grandmother who was the biggest artistic influence on me and helped mentor me as a young child. I learned a tremendous amount from her and have grown in so many ways.

Stop by and check out my gallery located at;

Park Lafayette Towers

(North & South Towers)

1918 E Lafayette Pl, Milwaukee, WI 53202




“Project Hue has been an invaluable experience for our participants. Angela has created such a meaningful program. She is kind and reliable. Through conversations with her volunteers, she gets to the root of a person’s essence and creates a piece of art that truly reflects the person’s life. She is a fantastic artist and an even better person.”

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